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Burrough's Naked Lunch 50th Anniversary in Paris First photos of Plaque unveiling at Beat Hotel 1 July 2009 .

Jean Jacques Lebel and Miles photo Frank Rynne

Eddie Woods read from Harold Norse's 9 Rue Git le Couer

Frank Rynne producer and manager of Master Musicians of Joujouka
photo Lars Movin

Lars Movin co director William Burroughs On the Road centre,
Eddie Wood's back and Philip Woods with shades photo Frank Rynne

Terry Wilson interviewed by Prof. Oliver Harris on Gysin and Burroughs
at the 50th Anniversary of the publication of Naked Lunch Symposium, 1 July, 2009.

Beat Hotel

Jean Jacques Lebel unveiling the plaque photo Frank Rynne

Burrough's Naked Lunch 50th Anniversary of publication in Paris.
Photos of Plaque unveiling at Beat Hotel Jean-Jacques Lebel and the proprietress of the Vieux Paris . all
photos by Frank Rynne except as stated.

Today marked the opening of the Paris leg of the 50th Anniversary of Naked Lunch in Paris. Events can be found HERE

Many friends of Brion Gysin, William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg and the oeuvre de Burroughs met today at the Beat Hotel for the unveiling of a plaque commemorating the Beat Hotel. It was in the Beat Hotel that Brion Gysin, infused with eight years of Moroccan life, began to influence William Burroughs to adopt the Cut-Up Method of writing.

Gysin and Ian Somerville, to a backdrop of Gysin's own recordings of the Master Musicians of Joujouka, developed the Dreamachine at the Beat Hotel. Burroughs experimented with all kinds of Cut-Ups including tape cut ups with Ian Sommerville and Brion Gysin which, were the precursor of modern day sampling. Antony Balch took the Cut-Up to kineculture with his movies with Burroughs like Towers Open Fire and The Cut Ups.

Burroughs devised magical spells and the results of his experiments are well documented in Terry Wilson's Here to Go Planet R101 Revisited book with Brion Gysin.

Terry was guest speaker today at the symposium. He spoke of the dark world and the tragic individuals who were drawn like moths to the flame of the Burroughs/Gysin nexus. Wilson is the last true practitioner of the the black arts of fiction writing that Burroughs and Gysin delved into. His novels are a testimony to an enduring spirit of documentation and exorcism that is also evident in the novels of William Burroughs.

excerpt from Towers Open Fire by dir. Antony Balch

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