Saturday, July 25, 2009

Video from Beat Hotel

Video from The Beat Hotel more at

A short vignette capturing the unveiling of the plaque at the legendary Beat Hotel by Jean-Jacques Lebel.

With Eddie Woods - Oliver Harris - Jean Jacques Lebel - Lee Harris - River Styx

The Beat Hotel was a small, run-down hotel of 42 rooms at 9 Rue Gît-le-Cœur in the Latin Quarter of Paris, notable chiefly as a residence for members of the Beat poetry movement of the mid-20th century
Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky first stayed there in 1957 and were soon joined by William Burroughs, Derek Raymond, Harold Norse and Gregory Corso, as well as Sinclair Beiles. It was here that Burroughs completed the text of Naked Lunch [4] and began his lifelong collaboration with Brion Gysin. It was also where Ian Sommerville became Burroughs' 'systems advisor' and lover. Gysin introduced Burroughs to the Cut-up technique and with Sommerville they experimented with a 'dream machine' and audio tape cut-ups. Here Norse wrote a novel, Beat Hotel, using cut-up techniques [5]. Ginsberg wrote a part of his moving and mature poem Kaddish at the hotel and Corso wrote the mushroom cloud-shaped poem Bomb.

A big thank you to Lee Harris and River Styx

Full version to be screened at the Portobello Film Festival 2009

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