Wednesday, July 29, 2009

41st Anniversary of Brian Jones recording Master Musicians of Joujouka

Today, 29 July 2009, is the 41st Anniversary of Brian Jones recording the Brian Jones presents the Pipes of Pan at Joujouka (Rolling Stones Records 1971) by Master Musicians of Joujouka.
Brought to Joujouka by Mohamed Hamri the mentor of the Master Musicians and artist Brion Gysin, Brian along with a small group of friends and George Chkiantz, a recording engineer arrived in Joujouka to record the Master Musicians of Joujouka ritual music.

Our thoughts today are with the families and friends of all the great musicians no longer with us who recorded that day.

Last year Master Musicians of Joujouka organised a special festival to commemorate the 40th Anniversary. The performances were all recorded and preparations for releasing this music are well advanced.

Slide show of Master Musicians of Joujouka Brian Jones 40th Anniversary Festival 29-10 July

Slideshow of Master Musicians of Joujouka Festival 5-7 June, 2009.

The oldest musician in Joujouka who recorded with Brian Jones is Mallim Ali Abdeslam Attar.

Mallim Ali Abdelsalm Attar reviews the press from Brian Jones 40th Anniversary Festival, at the MMOF Festival 5-7 June 2009.

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Antonio G. Pereira said...

Well done! Perhaps in future, if any photographs exist of the day Brian Jones & Co. visited Joujouka on July 29th, 1968, a book of photographs will be published.

Best Wishes,