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Travel deal UK to Fez dates suit Masters Musicians of Joujouka Festival have a great fare from Stanstead to Fez, leaving on the 3 June and return either 6 June or 8 June for only £73.

Booking for master Musicians of Joujouka Festival 4-6 June

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Master Musicians of Joujouka Festival 4-5 June 2010 with optional extra night 6th June 2010 Place: Joujouka, (Jajouka), Morocco.

Master Musicians of Joujouka Festival 4-5 June 2010 with optional extra night 6th June 2010
Place: Joujouka, (Jajouka), Morocco.
Booking  Master Musicians of Joujouka website   or below.

Boujeloud dances at the Brian Jones 40th Anniversary Festival, 
Joujouka, Morocco July 2008. Photo Jill Furmanovsky/Rock Archive

The Master Musicians announce their summer festival will be held 4-6June 2010 in their village in Morocco. Guests will stay with the musicians and their families and experience three days and nights of ritual Sufi music in its natural setting. On Saturday 5 June the musicians will perform the Boujeloud ritual in the village square through the night. In July 2008 the Master Musicians of Joujouka hosted the Brian Jones 40th Anniversary Festival in their village in the southern Rif Mountains of Northern Morocco. The festival was a celebration of fortieth anniversary of Brian Jones’ recording the iconic LP Brian Jones presents the Pipes of Pan at Joujouka (Rolling Stones Records 1971). The festival brought the families of old Masters now passed on and a group of visitors from abroad including old friends of the errant Rolling Stone.

In 2009 the Master Musicians festival moved to June as the temperature at the end of July can be above 40C. The festival was a great success and was reported on in The Wire magazine  October, 2009.
 The view from above Joujouka/jajouka photo Jill Furmanovsky Rock Archive

Guests will experience life in Joujouka staying with the musicians and their families in their isolated village. The Master Musicians of Joujouka will play in intimate sessions around their madrassa/school. The highlight of the festival will be the village’s celebration of the Boujeloud ritual in the village square.

Places at the festival are strictly limited as due to accommodation limitations . Guest will stay in the homes of a master Musician in Joujouka/Jajouka. Guests will be collected from Ksar El Kebir the nearest town to Joujouka on Friday 5th June and will be brought to the village. Full board will be provided. Food will be prepared in traditional Joujouka fashion from locally sourced produced. Joujouka is a framing community and as  well as Sufi trance music the village is famous locally for its beautiful olives and olive oil.

The festival is booking now. The price for the main two days of the festival 4-5 June is €250 euro.
Accommodation for 4, 5, and 6 June is €300 (Euro)

Guests will be collected at Moulay El Mehdi train station in Ksar El Kebir on June 4th and transported to Joujouka or by arrangement . For Moroccan trains see

Full board lunch and evening meal on Friday 4 June
Breakfast, Lunch and traditional Moroccan mountain feast on Saturday 5
Breakfast (all guests) plus  lunch, and evening meal on Sunday 6th (for those with three day bookings)
For payment by credit transfer please email me for details
Places are limited to 75.
If you have any questions please do get in touch. 
Press Reports on 2008 Festival

The Irish Times 2008 preview May 2008
The Guardian report on Master Musicians Festival 2008

Mojo magazine Feature Article on Brian Jones 40th Anniversary Festival 2008 PDF

Joujouka 2-day EUR 250, 4-5 June 2010

Click link below to pay with paypal account or credit cards. Secure payments by Paypal.

Joujouka 3-day EUR 300 4-6 June 2010
Click link below to pay with paypal account or credit cards. Secure payments by Paypal.

Slideshows from previous  Festivals 
Brian Jones 40th Anniversary Festival July 2008

Master Musicians of Joujouka Festival June 2009

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Master Musicians of Joujouka featured Antibothis book anthology and CD compilation out now

 The first release by Master Musicians of Joujouka recorded at the Master Musicians of Joujouka Brian Jones 40th Anniversary Festival 29 July 2008  is out now from Antibothis

The Master Musicians of Joujouka track is 
Habibi Wan Amali/ My love what more have I
L'Aitta /The Call

Recorded in Joujouka/Jajouka/Zahjouka on the same spot the Masters played  40 years to the day before  the Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones recorded the Master Musicians of Joujouka "Brian Jones presents the Pipes of Pan at Joujouka" LP (Rolling Stones Records 1971).
Produced by Frank Rynne
Engineered by David Slevin
Mixed at  Virtu Stdios, Dublin, Ireland.

The Book anthology and Cd is available for 15 Euos from the Antibothis website

The book features “Brian Jones Joujouka Rolling Stone” by Frank Rynne, an account of Frank Rynne's work with Joujouka since 1992 and the Brian Jones 40th Anniversary Festival

ANTIBOTHIS - Occultural Anthology 3
Book anthology + cd compilation.
Featuring articles from:
The anti-civilizationist author JOHN ZERZAN on "Silence".
LIAM SIONNACH from Earth First on " Becoming an Anti-Capitalist Ecological Social Force".
CHAD HENSLEY on " Dead Lays".
EWEN CHARDRONNET on "Molecules of Combat".
IONA MILLER on " Sasha´s Ecstasy & the Agony of CONtrollers".
JOE AMBROSE on " The Darker Side of Me - White Irish".
NIGEL AYERS on "All Killer, No Filler".
WILFRED HOU JE BEK on "In Defense of Primate Poetics".
FRANK RYNNE on " Brian Jones Joujouka Rolling Stone".
RANDALL PYKE on " Neo-Anarchist Dream State".
ADI NEWTON and JANE RADION NEWTON on "The Denizens of Beyond".

Antibothis cd compilation includes:
The Master Musicians of Joujouka, Lydia Lunch with Philippe Petit, Checkpoint 303, Kal Cahoone, Gintas K, Orbit Service, Anla Courtis, Stpo, Jabe Radion Newton and Adi Newton / T.A.G.C.,  Zeitkratzer, Pietro Riparbelli/K11, Gjoll.
PRICE : 15.00 euros with postage included everywhere,payable through Paypal , please go to Buy Books link.
Published by Associação Chili com Carne and Thisco
THISCOvery CChanel collection
First edition, May 2010
Cover art & illustration by
André Lemos -
Design by
João Cunha

Master Musicians Festival 4-6 June Booking Now

Special thanks to Thisco for his selfless work.
About Antibothis 
ANTIBOTHIS is a collection of book anthologies featuring texts, interviews showcasing a variety of ideas that  are a genuine alternative to the dogma of conformity, the commitment to disconnect the cables of corporhate  coolonization, disinverting cultural reality through the dissemination and dispersion of alternatives vortices of  information and infinite chaotic propaganda, speculation, simulation, stimulation, to revolutionize the dynamics of life in a total process of cultural transformation, reclaiming our guts and revolt in the name of imagination in  opposition to a toxic life of low awareness, herd mentality and programmed though, infecting human minds and alter their behaviour.

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More Joujouka from Maroc 1 TV Co-operative pour de Development Sidi Ahmed Skiech de Zahjouka Festival

Another clip from Maroc 1 TV of the Master Musicians and Boujeloud 2006.

Filmed at The Festival Sidi Ahmed Sheich Zahjouka/Jajouka/Joujouka 2006 and broadcast on the Moroccan national channel Maroc 1.
This festival is supported and attended by  the Governor of Larache province, the local government, the Caid of Tatoft. It  is organised by the local Co-operative pour de Development Sidi Ahmed Skiech de Zahjouka which provides employment for the women of the village. This festival is  an annual showcase of the community's products, cheese, bread, traditional weaving, woolen goods, and olive products which the co-operative markets for the villagers. The co-operative's efforts to employ women for cash wages is hugely popular locally. In its efforts to preserve the local culture the co-operative and local government also helped finance the building of the Master Musicians new Madrassa (school for music) which was built by the musicians and the villagers in the traditional mountain style.

The co-operative also helps the local farmers develop their  livestock such as goats and cattle for cheese production. These initiatives, funded by the Kingdom of Morocco with assistance from the European Union were introduced in recent years partly as part of the program of eradication of illegal hashish production in the Ahl Srif mountains and Larache province and under new programs of His Majesty Mohamed VI to develop the north of the country.

At 00.32 Mallim Ali Abdelslam El Attar the oldest Master Musicians can be seen standing at the end of the line of musicians. This year Ali Attar turns 101years of age. Boujeloud (Mohamed Hatmi).

Booking for the Master Musicians of Joujouka own  Festival 4-6 June 2010.

Joujouka producer interviewed by Paul Hawkins

Paul Hawkins has a new blog. He has republished an interview with the producer of Joujouka Black Eyes, Sufi and Boujeloud CDs.
Joujouka via Johnny Cash Paul Hawkins talks to Frank Rynne.

Paul's website is

Booking for the Master Musicians of Joujouka Festival

Travel arrangements for Master Musicians of Joujouka Festival June 4-6 2010

Royal Air Maroc are running offers every Thursday on their website

Easyjet have cheap flights to Tangier from Paris and Madrid
Ryanair fly to Marrakesh and Fez from many European destinations NB Trian journey times from Marrakesh to Moulay El Mehdi 10 hours Fez to Moulay El Mehdi 4-5 hours, Tangier to Moulay El Mehdi 1 and half hours.
Fly to Gibraltar or Malaga for ferry services to Tangier from Algeciras, Tarifa and Gibraltar, See Andalusia Tourist information
Moroccan Trains NB destination for pick up by festival organisers for Joujouka/Jajouka is Ksar El Kebir the main train station there is called Moulay El Mehdi Pick up by arrangement with festival. We will meet you at your train and bring you directly to the village.

NB From the UK Ryanair have very cheap flights to Fez on 3 June and returns on the 6 and the 8 of June £73 (retrieved 29/03/2010) Trains from Fez to Moulay El Medhi
If you need advice on travel arrangements email

Booking for festival

Master Musicians of Joujouka Festival 4-6 June 2010 Booking Now for Joujouka/Jajouka Morocco

Book Now for the Master Musicians of Joujouka Festival 4-6 June, Joujouka/Jajouka Morocco

Stay in the homes of true Master Musicians and experience 3 days in intimate contact with the ancient music and its present day true practitioners.
This event is an ethical festival featuring traditional Sufi trance.

2 day and 3 day tickets available on the official site of the Sufi brotherhood who continue their traditions in their village in the foothills of the Rif Mountains, the Ahl Srif Djebel.

Details and booking from the festival blog
NB This is festival run by the only group of Master Musicians who live and play amongst their tribe.

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London Calling: A Countercultural History of London Since 1945 Guardian interview with Miles

Miles aka Barry Miles (on his books) has his new book, London Calling: A Countercultural History of London Since 1945,  out  now from Atlantic Books. Miles was a constant on the couterculture scene since the 1960s and has never lost his edge. His new book traces the history of the counterculture in London from 1945 to the present day. This is a milestone publication by one of the few participants in the scene who actually remembers the 1960s.
Eric Anderson, Terry Wilson and Miles
Naked Lunch @50 Paris 2009 photo Frank Rynne
There is a great interview in the Guardian available on line
For 45 years, Miles has lived in the same building in Fitzrovia, north of Oxford Street, a stone's throw from Soho to the south and BBC Broadcasting House to the west. Originally, he occupied a flat on an upper floor with his first wife, Sue Crane; he now lives with the travel writer Rosemary Bailey and their teenage son in the basement. The walls of the narrow hallway are covered with paintings, including several by William Burroughs, made during Burroughs's London phase, when Miles took on archival duties and compiled a bibliography of his work; he has also edited a variorum edition of Allen Ginsberg's Howl. Surrounding the pictures are photographs of Miles with Ginsberg, the cartoonist Robert Crumb and others. He is an exemplary case of social mobility – not upwards via the pursuit of money or status, but into the classless orbit of art. "As soon as I took my art A-level, at 16, I went off to become a painter. There was no further thought than that . . . You went to art school to learn how to do art. Then I saw a programme on television about the Beat generation. It was quite critical, but I thought it was wonderful. There was Ginsberg reading Howl and Lawrence Ferlinghetti with the Golden Gate Bridge behind him. It seemed to me that was the model to go for."
The freedom to choose your own style of living has been the main theme of Miles's pilgrimage. "We wanted the church and state to have no part in personal relations," he writes in In the Sixties, having reminded readers of the rigidity of social mores in previous decades. "And once we had got rid of them, then would come the great experiment of deciding how to live."
Read the full interview
 And from the Independent

And buy the book 

Miles, Barry (2010). London Calling: A Countercultural History of London Since 1945. Atlantic Books. ISBN 9781843546139.

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Maroc 1 TV filmed in Joujouka/Jajouka c. 2005

Women of Joujouka/Jahjouka/Jajouka with Master Musicians Mohamed Mockshan and Abu filmed in Joujouka/Jajouka c.2005.
This clip is from a segment arranged and filmed in Joujouka c.2005 by Maroc 2 TV. The clip is filmed in the garden of Mohamed Hamri. The olives trees were planted by Hamri when he built this house in 1989. Hamri passed away in 2000. His life's work with the Master Musicians assured that the music of his village and its Master practictioners was world famous. In 1968 Hamri and Brion Gysin brought Brian Jones to the village to record. The resulting LP "Brian Jones presents the Pipes of Pan at Joujouka" was released in 1971

Master Musicians of Joujouka Festival 2010
4-6 June Joujouka, Jahjouka, Jajouka, Ahl Srif Djebel (Ahl Srif Mountains), Morocco.

Booking now on The Master Musicians Official Site

For info email

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Charlie Gillett R.I.P.

 Charlie Gillett (20 February 1942 - 17 March 2010),
Charlie Gillett the  champion of music and especially in the last  three decades of the phenomenon known as World Music has passed away. Master Musicians of Joujouka offer their prayers and sympathy to his family.
His World Service Radio show brought practitioners and fans from across the world together through culture and song.