Thursday, April 14, 2011

Master Musicians of Joujouka open Glastonbury Festival 2011 on Pyramid stage

Boujeloud dances in Joujoukaat the Brian Jones 40th Anniversary Festival photo Jill Furmanovsky

Master Musicians of Joujouka are proud to announce that the group  will open the Glastonbury Festival 2011. We are honoured to be accorded this privilege and play the Pyramid stage on Friday 24 June, later that day the stage will host amongst others Wu Tang Clan, Morrisey, B.B. King, Biffy Clyro and U2.

The musicians will remain at Glastonbury for the duration of the festival playing at our own area in The Park area. These performances will be un-amplified ritual trance and will allow for the musicians to showcase their music in a  natural way and allow attendees at the festival to gain a unique and intimate experience with the Master Musicians playing just as they do in their native village in the North of Morocco.

This will mark a return to Glastonbury for some of the Master Musicians after 31 years, as they were hosted on the Eavis family farm in 1980 during a year when there was no festival. This marked   the beginning of their  first ever tour in 1980.

For press inquiries email Frank

For the full festival line up see The Guardian

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In the studio with Jane's Addiction recording and mixing End to the Lies with Master Musicians of Joujouka and free download

The Inside the Lies video directed by Todd Newmann shows Jane's Addiction ( Perry Farrell, guitarist Dave Navarro,  and drummer Stephen Perkins) working in the studio with producer Rich Costey (MUSE, FRANZ FERDINAND, INTERPOL), and with TV ON THE RADIO's Dave Sitek on bass while  recording and mixing the End to the Lies track for their forthcoming album "THE GREAT ESCAPE ARTIST," due August 2011 from Capitol Records.

The Master Musicians of Joujouka parts were recorded in Joujouka Morocco by their manager and sometimes producer specifically for Jane's Addiction .

More on the actual recording sessions soon but here are some pics from our end. Download End to the Lies free by joining Jane's Addiction mailing list

after putting in your email the next page will provide your download link.

Master Musicians of Joujouka Festival in the village runs 10-12 June , email joujouka@gmail.cvom for info or book on

 Cladding the main room at the Master Musicians Madrass  with tents and carpets for recording the rhiatas (pic Frank Rynne)
 Between takes the rhiata players resting. Having picked up on Dave Navarro's tuning on the guitar tracks some of the takes were 30 min drones where the Master's used their circular breathing techniques to produce multi-layered oscillating notes. Pic Frank Rynne
Pre recording on the second day (March 24 2011) everyone 
relaxing outside the Madrassa as the sun set. Pic Frank Rynne
Spring flowers (pic Frank Rynne )

 Ahmed Talha Master Musician  drummer (Pic Frank Rynne)
 Chilling between takes

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jane's Addiction Collaboration with Master Musicians of Joujouka for "End to the Lies"

From the Official Jane's Addiction Website 
You can download  the first offering from the forthcoming Jane's Addiction album by signing up to their mailing list

Collaboration with Master Musicians of Joujouka


Photo: The Master Musicians of Joujouka

As always, JANE’S ADDICTION—singer Perry Farrell, guitarist Dave Navarro and drummer Stephen Perkins--keeps things interesting. 

The exotic sounds on “End To The Lies”—the band’s newly issued (April 7) free downloadable track from the band’s upcoming first studio album in eight years on Capitol Records, THE GREAT ESCAPE ARTIST—are the unique contribution of the legendary The Master Musicians of Joujouka.  The free download of "End To The Lies" is available via

Hailing from the village of Jajouka near Ksar-el-Kebir in the Ahl Srif mountain range of the southern Rif Mountains in northern Morocco, they are Sufi trance musicians who use reed, pipe and percussion to create drones and complex rhythms unique to Joujouka.  The musicians are  known for their connections with the Beat Generation and Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones, who recorded them in 1968 for an album that was released in 1971, Brian Jones Presents the Pipes of Pan at Joujouka.

"We wanted to add a sense of ancient ritual and some depth beyond normal instrumentation, getting off the typical path that rock bands use, etc,” says Perry Farrell.  “And we wanted the music to cast a spell on the ‘lies.’”

For THE GREAT ESCAPE ARTIST, JANE'S ADDICTION have been working in Los Angeles with producer Rich Costey (Muse, Franz Ferdinand, Interpol), with TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek on the team.  Costey says that The Master Musicians of Joujouka’s parts actually weren’t recorded with the band or in a studio. “It was all recorded in the Master Musicians Madrassa (school house) which is out in the village of Joujouka near Morocco where they live. The drums were recorded in the kitchen and the rhiatas in the main room of the house."

Farrell adds: "Lots of sounds were recorded with them so you may hear more of them on the record. You'll have to wait and see."

Info on the Master Musicians of Joujouka recording with Jane’s Addiction:

Master Musicians of Joujouka recorded in Joujouka, Morocco by Frank Rynne.
Arranged by Frank Rynne and Ahmed Attar

6 musicians playing the Tibel:

Ahmed El Attar
Mustapha El Attar
El Khalil Radi
Jamal El Bakar
Abdeslam Boukhzar
Ahmed Talha

8 musicians played Rhiata:

Abdeslam Rrtoubi
Abdellah Ziyat
El Mahi Elmojahed
Abdelkhalak Talhi
Ali Ezouglali
El Touhami Talha
Mohamed El Attar
Mohamed Mokhchan
Mohamed El Hatmi who danced  Boujeloud

Background links:
Master Musicians of Joujouka website Facebook
Brian Jones festival Blog

The Master Musicians Festival which runs for 10-12 June is still booking places strictly limited to 50 people book now or place a deposit on link below

Book now for Master Musicians of Joujouka Festival 10-12 June 2011

Boujeloud in the flames, photo by Robert Hampson master Musicians of Joujouka Festival 2010

The Master Musicians of Joujouka Festival 2011 takes place from 10-12 June 2011.
The summer festival began in 2008 with the Master Musicians Brian Jones 40th Anniversary Festival and has continued every year since then.
The festival is a true micro festival rather than a rock festival.     En Francais click ici
The village square with the sanctuary of Sufi saint Sidi Ahmed Shiech on left Lars Movin 2010
The ideology behind the festival  is to allow a very small group of people the opportunity to hang out and live in the village for a few days with the Master Musicians as their hosts.   Numbers are therefore strictly limited in order to ensure that people have a unique and personal experience in the village and with their individual and collective hosts The Master Musicians of Joujouka. There will be some people on hand who have long connections with the village who speak French, Arabic and English and any questions you have while in the village can be addressed as your comfort and enjoyment is key to the continued success of this truly unique experience.
Naturally the highlight of the festival is the three days of music and the intimate access to the Masters and their hospitality.

Press from recent years Click on title to go to article

You will be  collected  at Ksar El Kebir train station (called Moulay El Mehdi see for trian times from all Moroccan cities) on June 10th by prior  arrangement with us. Having been collected at the train  station you  will be transported to the village.You will be returned to Ksar El Kebir to meet your connections after the Festival. 2 and 3 day tickets are available.

The ticket price includes your meals, bottled water, tea, coffees, accommodation and forward and return  transport to the village from Ksar El Kebir  in order to meet your connections .
The Master Musicians will perform each day both informally and with full performances each night. Guests stay with the Master Musicians of Joujouka in their homes.

 Lunch 2010 photo by Joachim Montessuis
The food is excellent. We can cater for vegetarians easily and vegans with a far bit of hassle but we do so every year.
The festival (ie The Master Musicians and the villagers) provide all  meals. Food is sourced locally.
Friday 10th June  lunch and dinner.
Saturday 11th June  Breakfast lunch and dinner
12th  Breakfast ( for two day ticket holders), plus lunch and dinner for three day ticket holder
13th. Breakfast and transport to Ksar El Kebir to meet your train or onward connections.

 Figs fresh from the trees in Joujouka 2010 photo Tomas McGrail White

The festival is restricted in numbers of guests to ensure you have a very chilled out and personal experience of life in the village.

On 12th (2 day ticket) or 13th (3 day) you will also be transported by to Ksar El Kebir by arrangement to meet your connections. (depending o ticket type ie 2 -3 day
We provide your bottled water plus tea, coffee.

The House where Brian Jones stayed in 1968 with well and fig trees by Manno Franco 2009
You will accommodated with the family of one of the Master Musicians.

Breakfast is served in the house you stay in and you will be accommodated in a room to yourself or with your friends or partner.  Let us know your desired accommodation arrangements when you are contacted after your booking or email before hand if you have any queries. You will not be sharing a room with strangers. 

All details will be worked out by email with you before you arrive.

During the day the Master Musicians play in an informal way and   most people hang out as they please at their HQ/house / school while each night the Master Musicians of Joujouka perform  their ritual music.
Inside the courtyard of the  home of Master Musician Abdelslam Errtoubi Photo Lars Movin 2010

2 day ticket provides accommodation Friday 10th and Saturday 11th.
3 day ticket provides 3 nights accommodation Friday 10 , Saturday 11 and Sunday 12th.
Magara  cave of Boujeloud situated about 1km from the village by Lars Movin b 2010
The easiest  airport to come from if you are only coming to Morocco for the festival is Tanger with train connections from Tanger Ville ( Taxi costs 100 MAD).
 However  Fez and Casablanca are 4-5 hours train journey from Ksar El Kebir (Marrakesh is 8 hours) so any airport is good except Agadir which has no direct train connections.

This year we are facilitating installment payments of €50.You can use the same button to pay a single deposit that will ensure you a reserved place at the festival subject to balance being paid. If you require assistance or further information email

On line booking has ended for last minute places email for details.