Friday, September 5, 2014

The Master Musicians of Joujouka Festival explored by The Independent UK. Nov 2014 and June 2015 Booking now open!

Paul Trynka, former editor of Mojo and Q and author of the definitive biographies of David Bowie, Iggy Pop and now Brian Jones has written a major feature review on the Beat in Morocco featuring his experiences at The Master Musicians of Joujouka Festival.

The house where Brian Jones stayed in Joujouka. Photo by Paul Trynka.
As evening falls, the musicians walk into the tent in formal, almost military robes. From the first beat the music is arresting, melodies carried by seven or eight rhaita, oboe-like pipes – the pipes of Pan – flanked by five or six drummers playing tbel, primitive military-style drums. Pipers play a call and response; over the next five or six hours, then three successive nights, I hear hundreds of melodies, some surely blues or folk, some impossibly alien, while the drums boom out relentlessly hypnotic polyrhythms. The volume is overwhelming – your ears ring, your brain shakes, your teeth rattle. I've lost all consciousness of time, when suddenly a new energy fills the air – a goat-skinned apparition leaps on stage and the pipes distort into a rush of noise, like a Jimi Hendrix guitar solo. Bou Jeloud dances across the tent, shaking his hips in front of the musicians, who sweat with the intensity of their work. The little goat-skinned creature taunts musicians and crowd, brandishing olive branches, swiping young women and occasional unwary men.
It's a provocative, powerful performance. But it's fragile and endangered, too. "

"Morocco: Follow the sound of the Beats" by Paul Trynka published in The Independent UK 6 Sept 2014 online version 5 Sept 2014 Paul Trynka Morocco: Follow the sound of the Beats
 Booking for the Master Musicians of Joujouka Festival 5-7 June 2015 with drop off on the morning of the 8th June is open at

Booking for a special Burroughs 100 night on 15 November , food accomadation and a full performence of Boujeloud in advance of the European Beat Networks Conference 17-19 Nov Hotel Chellah Tangier celebrating Burroughs is open at
The full program for the European Beat Studies Network Conference in Tangier 17-19 Nov at Hotel Chellah  is available on their website

Paul Trynka whose new biography of Brian Jones 'Sympathy For The Devil' (Transworld) costs £20 ( 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Burroughs 100 Joujouka Boujeloud 15 Nov before European Beat Network Conference in Tangier Burroughs100 Nov 2014

In prelude to the European Beat Networks Conference which, this year honors William S Burroughs in his centenary year the Master Musicians of Joujouka will perform a special Burroughs100 event in their village  featuring Boujeloud on Sat 15 November. The price includes pick up and return to Ksar El Kebir, meals and accommodation for one night in the village. If you are not on a mailing list email for more details. Use Paypal Button below to pay 100 euro.

Article on the festival by Paul Trynka in The Independent 

Friday, June 27, 2014

One for the early birds official booking opens 31 June 2014 MMOJFestival2015

For the early birds official booking opens 31 June 2014.

Master Musicians of Joujouka Festival 5-7 June 2015

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Video of Boujeloud at Master Musicians of Joujouka Festival 2013

 The Sonic Masters in total drone mode. We have put a new video up on our youtube channel shot by Marek Pytel of Reality Films at the Master Musicians of Joujouka Festival 2013. This 5 min edit of hours long performance serves as a teaser and a taster. It features some serious drone sonics. Enjoy and please share. It features from the fraternity of The Master Musicians of Joujouka,
Ahmed El Attar, Abdeslam Rrtoubi, Abdellah Ziyat, Ahmed Talha, El Touhami Talha, Ali Ezouglai, Mustapha El Attar, El Khalil Radi, Mohamed Mokhchan, Mohamed El Attar,and Mohamed El Hatmi (Boujeloud).

Reality Films
Master Musicians of Joujouka

Monday, May 19, 2014

LA Review of Books feature on Master Musicians of Joujouka Festival

Artist Piper Mavis has written a report of the Master Musicians of Joujouka Festival and the quest for the haunts of the Beats and the Rolling Stones in Morocco."As the flames licked the inky night sky and the music reached a feverish frenzy, Bou Jeloud himself, the North African Pan-like spirit, seemingly emerged from the fire. As we watched him dance and taunt the fire, the musicians, and the audience, I couldn’t help but believe that there is such a thing as sacred music" Read Piper Mavis's full article  A Visit with the Master Musicians of Joujouka
The Master Musicians of Joujouka all rights Piper Mavis

Booking for the last few places for this years festival is available on