Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Master Musicians of Joujouka perform at International Digital Arts Festival Casablanca 29 October 2011

Joachim Montessuis in performance

Due to increased demand The Master Musicians of Joujouka event "Joujouka Interzone" at the International Digital Arts Festival, Casablanca, Morocco,  has been moved to the larger space the  Complexe My Rachi. The event will begin at 7pm with Hamburg digital artists Incite - Kera Nagel and André Aspelmeie. The premier of Joujouka Interzone will launch at 8pm. French sound and visual artist Joachim Montessuis in collaboration with Frank Rynne and The Masters will project a HD digital onslaught utilizing archival and specially commissioned material while Glastonbury Festival headliners The Master Musicians of Joujouka will provide an onslaught....exciting times and an exciting event.....for more info email

2012 will see Joujouka Interzone, an evolving artistic collaboration, come to further venues both in Morocco and to Europe. The Master are also booking and being booked  for  their own  shows at the most exciting and cool venues and festivals for Summer 2012 for booking info and to join the mailing list email 

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