Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Joujouka Interzone premiere Casablanca 29 Oct 2011 trailer

Joujouka Interzone is a collaboration between Master Musicians of Joujouka, French sound and visual artist Joachim Montessuis and Frank Rynne. Montessuis and Rynne will live mix and project a HD digital onslaught utilizing archival and specially commissioned material while The Master Musicians of Joujouka will provide an aural onslaught that maintains their completely natural sound with no additions.
The Joujouka Interzone premiere will be the  Grand Finale of the Casablanca International Digital Arts Festival/F.A.N. 29 Oct 2011 at Complexe Moulay Rachid, Casablanca, Morocco. Through 2012 there will be further performances in Morocco and Europe.

As Joujouka Interzone features live performances by the Master Musicians of Joujouka with live  mixing of visual it is  ensuring that each show will be unique.

This trailer features the Master Musicians of Joujouka recorded live in their village at the Brian Jones 40th Anniversary Festival 29th July 2008. Recorded by David Slevin, production supervisor Frank Rynne. The full recording of the festival is due for release in 2012.

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