Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Joujouka from Maroc 1 TV Co-operative pour de Development Sidi Ahmed Skiech de Zahjouka Festival

Another clip from Maroc 1 TV of the Master Musicians and Boujeloud 2006.

Filmed at The Festival Sidi Ahmed Sheich Zahjouka/Jajouka/Joujouka 2006 and broadcast on the Moroccan national channel Maroc 1.
This festival is supported and attended by  the Governor of Larache province, the local government, the Caid of Tatoft. It  is organised by the local Co-operative pour de Development Sidi Ahmed Skiech de Zahjouka which provides employment for the women of the village. This festival is  an annual showcase of the community's products, cheese, bread, traditional weaving, woolen goods, and olive products which the co-operative markets for the villagers. The co-operative's efforts to employ women for cash wages is hugely popular locally. In its efforts to preserve the local culture the co-operative and local government also helped finance the building of the Master Musicians new Madrassa (school for music) which was built by the musicians and the villagers in the traditional mountain style.

The co-operative also helps the local farmers develop their  livestock such as goats and cattle for cheese production. These initiatives, funded by the Kingdom of Morocco with assistance from the European Union were introduced in recent years partly as part of the program of eradication of illegal hashish production in the Ahl Srif mountains and Larache province and under new programs of His Majesty Mohamed VI to develop the north of the country.

At 00.32 Mallim Ali Abdelslam El Attar the oldest Master Musicians can be seen standing at the end of the line of musicians. This year Ali Attar turns 101years of age. Boujeloud (Mohamed Hatmi).

Booking for the Master Musicians of Joujouka own  Festival 4-6 June 2010. www.joujouka.net

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