Friday, March 19, 2010

Maroc 1 TV filmed in Joujouka/Jajouka c. 2005

Women of Joujouka/Jahjouka/Jajouka with Master Musicians Mohamed Mockshan and Abu filmed in Joujouka/Jajouka c.2005.
This clip is from a segment arranged and filmed in Joujouka c.2005 by Maroc 2 TV. The clip is filmed in the garden of Mohamed Hamri. The olives trees were planted by Hamri when he built this house in 1989. Hamri passed away in 2000. His life's work with the Master Musicians assured that the music of his village and its Master practictioners was world famous. In 1968 Hamri and Brion Gysin brought Brian Jones to the village to record. The resulting LP "Brian Jones presents the Pipes of Pan at Joujouka" was released in 1971

Master Musicians of Joujouka Festival 2010
4-6 June Joujouka, Jahjouka, Jajouka, Ahl Srif Djebel (Ahl Srif Mountains), Morocco.

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