Saturday, July 28, 2012

Brian Jones recorded Master Musicians of Joujouka LP 44 years ago today

Cover of the promotion press package  for Brian Jones presents the Pipes of Pan at Joujouka (Rolling Stones Records 1971)
On July 29th July 1968 Mohamed Hamri brought Brian Jones, Brion Gysin, Brian's girlfriend Suki Potier, Olympic Studios recording engineer George Chkiantz and a select group to his native village for a recording session that would influence the lives of hundreds of villagers and 10s of thousands of music lovers. The resulting LP was released in 1971 2 years after Brian Jones' death on Rolling Stones records. It was the first release on the Rolling Stones own label. Having witnessed the Master Musiicans playing their strongest Brian said
"I don't know if I have the stamina incredible constant strain of the Festival".

 Brian died in July 1969, Suki Poiter died in a tragic car accident with her husband in 1982, Brion Gysin died in July 1986, Mohamed Hamri in 2000 and the last Master still alive who played on the recording is Mallim Ali El Attar who is 102 years old.
In 2008 Master Musicians of Joujouka celebrated the 40th Anniversary of Brian Jones's recording with a festival in their village. It has been running ever since in his honor and in honor of the traditions of the village.
The festival since 2009 has been moved to June to avoid the likely 40 degree temperatures in late July. Booking for 2013 festival is available  To ensure a place book now. 

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