Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Master Musicans of Joujouka at the Stone Circle Glastonbury Festival 2011

The Master Musicians of Joujouka opened the headline, Pyramid Stage and the Glastonbury Festival in June 2011. For the rest of the weekend they played a series of impromptu sessions throughout the festival site. This was recorded at the megalithic stone circle at Worthy Farm on Saturday 25th June. Along the way the Master run into their friend the legendary photographer Jill Furmanovsky and their manager of old Rikki Stein. Such is the magic of Glastonbury Festival. The video was shot by Joachim Montessuis who collaborates with the Master Musicians for their Joujouka Interzone project. The musicians own festival is held in their village each June and is booking on www.joujouka.net.

For booking details email joujouka@gmail.com 

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