Sunday, February 5, 2012

Master Musicians of Joujouka feature on new Rough Guide to the Music of Morocco

The Master Musicians of Joujouka feature on the new edition of the The Rough Guide to The Music of Morocco. The 2 CD set will be available this month in all good record stores, online stores and for download. The disc were compiled by Andy Morgan who managed Tinariwen.

The new  Rough Guide to the Music of Morocco is a great entry to both contemporary and ancient styles. You can listen to clips here

Track List
01 Fnaïre Feat. Salah Edin: Sah Raoui
02 Compagnies Musicales Du Tafilalet: Compagnie El Hamri/Ya Rijal L'bled
03 Amira Saqati: El Aloua
04 Les Imazighen: Iberdane
05 U-Cef: Boolandrix
06 Lemchaheb: Moulana (Notre Chant)
07 Maalem Said Damir & Gnawa Allstars: Bania Bambara
08 H-Kayne: Jil Jdid
09 Samy Elmaghribi: Mal Hbibi Malou
10 Mazagan: Ya Labess
11 Master Musicians Of Joujouka: Mali Mal Hal M'Halmaz

CD2 - Bonus Album by Groupe Mazagan
01 Abdelillah
02 Ayli Ayli (Feat. Outlandish)
03 La Vignette
04 Atay
05 Ya Sidi Chafi (Duo)
06 Allah Allah
07 Sogui Belati
08 Salamo Salam
09 Asmae Allah
10 Instrumental
11 Ayli Ayli (Solo)

Release date 27 Feb 2012

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