Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Master Musicians of Joujouka and Dj /rupture vs. Maga Bo Beyond Digital Mix Cassette only Limited Edition

Dreamachine / Beyond Digital Mix
C60 Tape - limited edition 350 copies

Official release date: november 18th 2011
Side A: Palm Wine Dreamachine mix
Side B: Dj /rupture vs. Maga Bo Beyond Digital Mix

Release Date 19 November 2011

Palm Wine is a blog run by Simone Bertuzzi started at the end of 2009. It is described as "a possible and distant look at the post-global movement of sounds and imageries, even dazed by alcohol vapours. For this reason, it can take unexpected routes backward and forward, travels in the outer space and depicts a magic conception of distance between past, present and the next world."

"Dreamachine / Beyond Digital Mix" is a C60 tape released by Palm Wine after a trip to Morocco attending at the Master Musicians of Joujouka Brian Jones Festival 2009 ( The side A contains Dreamachine - a 30 min mix by Palm Wine made out of field recordings collected during the three days festival and in Tangier souk. The side B is an exclusive mix done by Dj /rupture and Maga Bo, part of their project Beyond Digital - Morocco (, which combines different musical styles: from autotuned moroccan chaabi and traditional Andes song to mexican tribal guarachero, and so on; the mix include also an unreleased track by Maga Bo featuring K-Libre.

The tape is a limited edition of 350 hand numbered copies.

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