Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dates announced for Master Musicians of Joujouka Festival 2011: 10 -12 June

The dates are confirmed for the Master Musicians of Joujouka Festival 2011. The Festival takes place in the Master Musicians village , Joujouka (also known as Zahjouka or  Jajouka) , Morocco.

Sunset in Joujouka at the 2010 Festival, photo Robert Hampson

The 2011 Master Musicians of Joujouka  Festival takes place from 10-12 of June. 2 and 3 day places are available.

Lunch in Joujouka 2010, photo Thomas McGrail White


Experience three days of music and food staying with The Master Musicians of Joujouka and their families.

Boujeloud springs from the flames, Master Musicians of Joujouka Festival 2010, photo Robert Hampson

If people want to pay their tickets over a period of months we will be happy to set up a monthly Paypal demand or standing order which would allow people to pay for their ticket over the year rather than all at once. 

Places are strictly limited so book or reserve a place early to avoid disappointment.

For Info and advance booking or reservations email

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bwana said...

Yes!!! the waiting fever starts again... I hope that these dates will be even more convenient for all real global music lovers, so they can combine the visit to the beloved village with the festivals of Fez and Essaouira. Worth every single dirham of it, a visit to the village of Joujouka will stay with your consciousness long after your departure...