Sunday, May 11, 2008

Master Musicians of Joujouka live in Porto Video clip camcorder

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The Master Musicians of Joujouka warming up for a a long trance at Casa da Musica, Porto, 1 April, 2006.
This was the masters first trip to Porto. The dancing piper is 78 year old Mohamed Mockchan. the dancing drummer is Ahmed Attar.
Ahmed Attar " I was a twelve year old learning drumming with my father and the Mallims. Brian Jones was very good. My father played rhiata with and for him and I danced and played my drum. He came with Hamri and Brion Gysin. He had long hair and he rubbed my head. He brought a lot to Joujouka. Besef Baraka. We will mark the 40th Anniversary of his visit here in Joukouka to honour Brian Jones and to let people come to Joujouka and see what it is like here for themselves. It is good to feel the Baraka of Sidi Ahmed Scheich. Joujouka is his country. He is the Cultivator with Lions and Healer of Crazy Minds."

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Hear The Master Musicians of Joujouka perform Brian Jones Joujouka very Stoned, the song Hamri wrote in commeroration of Jones's first. It is a standard in Joujouka to this day.

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